Creating my B&W Portfolio was not easy, it was a huge challenge but very rewarding as well. I took a film photography class in college, my professor was tough and encouraged me to create something I have never seen. Every idea I had was turned down, every photo I created was not impactful enough. I was confused at times, others I wanted to keep on trying. I saw classmates almost done with their project, and I had nothing. I had to start over and over again. I was shooting 35mm film, and the process of shooting, developing, and printing was extensive.

Finally one evening, I thought about making weird and random photos. Yes, it’s not something I can explain, but I just thought of items that could be added to a head or face that can be transforming. 5 rolls of films later, I had something, I didn’t know what I had but I knew I could work with it. It took me about 10-15 hours to develop and print. The more I printed, the more excited I was. I took home the prints, and hoped to find a common theme or message that can be easily translated. I couldn’t I taped the prints to the wall, put them on the floor, put them on a table, changed the order, and nothing worked.

I was confused for quite a while, until I thought about how the photos made me feel. I didn’t need a message, I had everything I needed. I created a series of images that evoked a feeling that can be interpreted differently depending on who the viewer is.

I am very proud of the work that I have done, it took hours to complete, and it made me a better artist and photographer. I wouldn’t have changed this experience for anything else.

You can check out the photos HERE.